Quran Miracles Explained

Quran's Miracles explained in English by Yusuf Estes, former National Muslim Chaplain & Delegate to United Nations World Peace Summit 2000.

Conclusion on the Nullifiers of Islam

The Right Belief Series (part 28) by Karim Abu Zaid

The World of Jinn and Angels (part 11)

The Right Belief Series Part 52 by Karim AbuZaid

Promo 1001 Inventions & Library of Secrets

Short 2 minute introduction and promo for the Mini-Documentary of Muslim contributions to science, education and understanding of how the universe and things in it work.

Guide Us TV Live Broadcast Masjid Al-Andalusa

LIVE Broadcast on Guide Us TV on 1st August 2014 at Masjid Al-Andalusa with Sheikh Yusuf Estes. Keep Supporting

About Hajj with Yusuf Estes on Guide Us TV

Special Program for Hajj on Guide Us tv with Sheikh Yusuf Estes. Program aired on 25th September 2014.

HUDA TV & PEACE TV ENDORSE GUIDE US TV for America – Zakir Naik, Mohamed Salah & Yusuf Estes

Dr. Zakir Naik of PEACE TV and Dr. Mohamed Salah of HUDA TV Give full endorsement & support for Yusuf Estes to start GUIDE US TV in America - 2 Hour SPECIAL to Introduce GUIDE ...

Just Ask Islam Can a muslim donate organs?

Highlights from Just Ask Islam 1/5/2015 LIVE every Monday @9PM EST 6PM Pacific

Just Ask Islam what is the ruling of autopsy?

Highlights from Just Ask Islam 1/5/2015 LIVE every Monday @9PM EST 6PM Pacific

Free Quran Project

Over 22,000 Qurans ready to be mailed out for Ramadan (2015).

FISHY RIDDLE: Who’s Got the Fish?

Riddle: "Who has the pet fish?" Dr. Albert Einstein (or Lewis Carol of Alice in Wonderland, maybe?) gave a riddle that only 2% of world's thinkers can solve (or maybe mor...

"Quran Miracle: Two Seas Can Not Mix"

AMAZING MIRACLES - Chapter 55 (Surah Rahman), verses 19 & 20 Allah describes two seas that cannot mix together: