Guide US TV promo1

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Guide US TV promo1
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Posted By: yusuf (22 days ago)

Guide US TV needs monthly support - Go to www.GuideUS.TV/donate and
set up $19 per month, inshallah. Allah Bless you and reward you.

Posted By: hamaad (1323 days ago)

Sheikh Yusuf al-God bless you and God love you God and thank God for
the blessing of Islam and the blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad upon
him blessings and peace

Posted By: yousef_hendi (1334 days ago)

cheik Yusuf you are a really wonderful human being. keep up the good
work for the sake of Allah and Islam. may Allah bring glory for Islam
through you.

Posted By: YounesYusef (1341 days ago)

Sheikh Yusuf you are a great man :)

Posted By: Abdul_Hasib_al_Hasan (1357 days ago)

Sheikh Yusuf..............YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

/>Assalamu Aleykum Warahmatullahi Wabarkaathuh.

Posted By: wajdigary (1358 days ago)

So Great!
Peace Brother :)

Posted By: yusuf (1367 days ago)

Bismillah Rahman Raheem - salam alaykum, this was the first of the
promos we made for Guide US TV - and since then we have made a lot
more.. watch for them here on

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Added: 12-01-2011
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Guide US TV promo 1 This promo was recorded on January 12 2011 Showing the actual broadcast of Guide Us TV in the background on a laptop computer.

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