FAKE EX MUSLIM EXPOSED From Allah to Christ. Kouresh journey to find True God

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FAKE EX MUSLIM EXPOSED From Allah to Christ. Kouresh journey to find True God
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Posted By: saraj (443 days ago)

How can they believe in Jesus PBUH WHEN HE SAD HE IS NOT THE GOD JUST
A SERVANT OF GOD.Subhanallah those people are realy mad.....

Posted By: yusuf (505 days ago)

Salam alaykum - This is Yusuf Estes (owner of this & many other
websites for Islam). Will you join me to tell everyone about
www.GUIDEUS.TV (Now on Satellite over Canada & USA) and on PHONE APPS

Posted By: sohaali (794 days ago)

what a shame

Posted By: Achshalzaab (1054 days ago)

Salaam WalaikumnnVery well done, brother!nnMy favorite part about this
man's testimony is that he says that Allah (sa) is not merciful, when
Christianity teaches that all human beings are guilty for the original
sin committed by Adam and Eve, and that the only way God can forgive
humanity is by sending his son/himself to be tortured to death in the
worst way imaginable.nnAnd that guy looks exactly like Harry Potter!

Posted By: real (1487 days ago)

SALAM ALAYKOOM brother really loved this it was funny and really nice
to watch this is a favirote may ALLAH bless you

Posted By: sisteremma (1562 days ago)

Great video! Very funny to watch. So obvious that its a complete fake!
Allah does not forgive those who associate partners with Him if they
die upon that belief! They are all jealous because all of their women
are coming to Islam and they lose free access to them! So they are
trying to undermine Islam. Not going to happen. Islam is perfect
because its from a perfect Creator.

Posted By: khaysee (1596 days ago)

wow.... very very amazing... really.... bwahahahahah..... it is very
entertaining to watch really.... a bunch of FAKE... LIAR... people
that is very hungy not for GOD but for MONEY! ya ALLAH pls forgive
this people for trying to distroy the MOST BEAUTIFULL, PERFECT, CLEAN,
and the ONLY TRUE RELIGION in the WORLD which is ISLAM.... Ya RABB....
pls forgive them... AMEEN

Posted By: FATHIYA (1601 days ago)

They will never be able to extinguish the noor of ISLAM,b├žos,ALLAH
the true GOD has promised that,let them lie,they sell their akhirat
for perishable gain of this world.

Posted By: eusuf79 (1635 days ago)

There is no words to describe these people.

Posted By: minabintabdulgani (1646 days ago)

harry potter really makes me laugh so funny hehehe...

Posted By: afrah (1707 days ago)

unnnbelievable! what people would do for money, auzubillah.
harry potter thing was funny

Posted By: Omar81 (1714 days ago)

hahaha, super funny video

Posted By: kashbaa (1714 days ago)

this guy is funny................

Posted By: saad_hacker (1715 days ago)

they cant stop the light of ISLAM

Posted By: mohamadmirwais (1717 days ago)

that harry potter was funny hahahaha alhamdullilah. nice one
jazakallah and keep it up.

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Kouresh,Testimony of former muslim who left Islam for Christ It turns out that these ex-muslim videos put up by christians are totally fake. Any Muslim who has basic knowledge can spot this. I suppose its because they cant accept the fact that the videos of christians becoming muslims are actually genuine. I agree that some of the videos are difficult to refute due to the reason that they have been extra careful to not make errors. But a Muslim of very little knowledge can see that all the stories they produce are the same and fake - they play some arab music in the back, then the music of "light at the end of the tunnel" plays.

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