Eid - Our Day (Khutbah)

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Eid - Our Day (Khutbah)
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Posted By: yusuf (86 days ago)

If you CARE - SHARE: www.tubeislam.com/video/6916/ Help others learn
about ISLAM & EID

Posted By: muslimuighur (1500 days ago)

thanks for posting that, i learn from a lot.we need more about next
big holiday too.

Posted By: ahmed30 (1501 days ago)

eid mubarak

Posted By: SDT123 (1504 days ago)

Eid Mubarak Everyone!!

Posted By: zakariya4 (1853 days ago)

mashalaah shekh yusuf estes allah yahfidak jazakalah kheer

Posted By: Nim (1853 days ago)


Posted By: saira_rose7 (1855 days ago)

SubhanAllah very nice our men still need knowledge though that girls
should be allowed to go to the masjid. And in fact should be
encouraged to do so on Eid day :)

Posted By: Farhan5 (1855 days ago)

MashaAllah this is a very good Khutba from Sheik Yusuf but the camera
man needs some training.

This Khutba is very natural,
clear and perfect.

Posted By: bahmadul (1855 days ago)

TaqabbalAllah minna wa minkum,.,may Allah preserve you Shiekh
Estes,protect you,have mercy on you,give you long life ,and give more
success here in the dunya till yawmul qiyama ,ameen,ameen,ameen,

Posted By: alosaimi (1856 days ago)

Jazakh Allah Khair Sheikh Yusuf. Eid Mubarak! May Allah accept our
good deeds, Ameen!

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Eid Khutbah "Our Day" by Yusuf Estes

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