Google is trying to steal

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Google is trying to steal
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Posted By: yusuf (489 days ago)

Yes, we have lost the battle over YOUTUBEISLAM.COM - But the GOOD NEWS
is - We still have TUBEISLAM.COM and 2,400 other great sites for Islam
& more... GUIDE US TV all over the land and sea - for real Islam and
the peace it can bring for all who submit to Allah, obeying His
Commandments. Thanks be to Almighty God Allah

Posted By: yusuf (489 days ago)

Peace to all who seek truth, justice & love. Modern media & social
networks make it easy to misquote & attack with lies. Please help me
tell everyone you know to spread the word: I'm coming to UK first
week of Ramadan on GUIDEUS.TV for LIVE Shows & other places too! New
Frequency for Guide US TV on Galaxy 19 satellite (reset your dish if
you already had our old frequency. Help us raise awareness about New
TV channel in USAnPeace to truth seekers, Yusuf Estes - P.S. check out

Posted By: Saalyf (765 days ago)

حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل n

Posted By: haya12 (1029 days ago)

why do they want to do thisrn

Posted By: yusuf (1492 days ago) watch more videos like this and get real answers
to real questions in today's world - in PLAIN ENGLISH.
Also visit
our new TV channel and share it with everyone you know:/>www.GuideUS.TV

Posted By: SDT123 (1518 days ago)

Why is this still up? didnt they steal it already?

Posted By: hmdd14 (1559 days ago)

Ahsalaam a'laikum. Is is still applicable? because i do want mail to
my friends.

Posted By: mashaAllah (1614 days ago)

voi,andate fino in fondo.stop google.stop yahoo stop youtube.Vincano i

Posted By: jaber (1875 days ago)

allahouma koun maana wla tkoun alyna,allahouma insor almuslimin fi
koul makan berahmateka ya arhama alrahimin

Posted By: Bilal_Khan (1882 days ago)

Boycott google search engine and use yahoo and bing instead.

Posted By: arafik (1898 days ago)

We seek Allah's mercy and make dua for your success in maintaining
this website for the benefit of all Muslims. " May Allah shower his
abudance of blessings and protect your work for the propagation of
Islam; Ameen, Summa Ameen! No power in the world is greater than the
will of Allah.Insha Allah, you will succeed.

Posted By: AbuMishary (1904 days ago)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
أحبكم في
الله ياشيخنا الحبيب يوسف
I am not expert in
engish language so forgive me if I mistake in my writing

am from Saudi Arabia and I pray that ALLAH help

Posted By: Sandie (1904 days ago)

maybe its cause the words Youtube are involved
..We own so many servers and we also have to be careful of rights ./>Other than that good luck.

Posted By: Tasnia (1906 days ago)

Assalamualaykum wa rahmatuallahi wa brakathu what song is this

Posted By: Ajnabilarka (1907 days ago)

how come google take ur site is this free site or sumthing ? its
register domain and no one can take it without pay u i know the world
wide web law there is no copyrights in this site untill u sell the
domain them no one cak take the name from u i have my ALHUMDULILLAH 18
domains beside that i have more stuff which is against non muslim and
im the banned mamber in youtube :) but i still want to tell u no one
can get this site until u give them

Posted By: el-moslima (1907 days ago)

حسبى الله ونعم الوكيل

Posted By: edariah (1908 days ago)

Why is Google so threatened by YOUTUBEISLAM that they have to resort
to bullying tactics? Are they so afraid of the TRUTH that is Islam?
The truth shall prevail, InsyaAllah.

Posted By: islaam4u (1909 days ago)

Assalamualaykum wa rahmatuallahi wa brakathu,in reaction to this i am
doing: a) passing this info to others b) have created a youtube
profile where insha Allah can upload our videos to their own site

One suggestion: Why
done we try for web site domain ? instead of

Posted By: mmasngudi (1909 days ago)

assalamu'alaikum ww.
be patient please. may Alloh subhanahu
wata'ala give u his protection everyday, every time, and everywhere.

Posted By: msgagan (1909 days ago)

Insallah u will be succed to serve the Islam for the benefit of all
the humanity

Posted By: abdullahabuadam (1909 days ago)

Well obviously if we use their trademark domain name and copy their
site they will be upset. It's only normal right

Posted By: herawan (1910 days ago)

Allah hu Akbar....
We pray to Allah to showed them the Truth of
@Pray frm Indonesia@

Posted By: Muneer_alkaram (1910 days ago)

may Allah plz us to spread islam..nd cant tis b stopped??
nd can
i knw d song name whch u gave for tis video..

Posted By: midhatnaseer (1910 days ago)

May Allah help you. May we muslims bring a difference in the views of
non believers with our love for our religion and compassion for all of
man kind.

Posted By: mubasher (1910 days ago)

SHAROOR RE HIM. Brother it is time of your ISTAQAMAT, gain the help of
Allah with SALAT and SUBER.I and my family is praying for you and for
those who are standing with you.

Posted By: zbhotto (1912 days ago)

Without I cannot spend a single night. I dont know
how I would spend my night now. May Allah (SWT) reward Yousef Estates
for this trouble. May Allah (SWT) make a easy way out for this

Posted By: aahmed7531 (1913 days ago)

may Allah reward you for your trouble.

Posted By: o_ahmad (1913 days ago)

Why is Google trying to close down YouTubeIslam?

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Bismillah Rahman Raheem Salam alaykum,/nI need your help, inshallah. Please do something for me and for Islam right now, inshalllah. First, read this and then join me and those who believe in Allah - to stop a very horrible crime about to be committed by some very powerful and forceful people. Help me put this information all over the Internet and around the world - we can do it, inshallah./nLet me start at the beginning . . ./nCan you imagine my shock when I opened up an email telling me our website domain name (YOUTUBE.COM) is being taken over by GOOGLE and their video site - YOUTUBE? Here is more or less what we were told: NOTICE: Effective August 5th, 2009 Google (owner of will take over your domain name: YOUTUBEISLAM.COM. Although we have purchased the name \"YOUTUBEISLAM.COM\" and have renewed for several years through GODADDY.COM it seems GOOGLE has enough influence to just simply take our domain name from us - and by the way, we have even paid for it all the way through to next year./nFirst, their lawyers contacted us saying they were going to take our domain because we copied their logo. We didn\'t even come close to their logo.. (look for yourself next came up with saying our name was too similar to their name. We changed the name and the layout to read: Yo Utu Beis and we even registered that as a trade name. We changed the logo and the images to reflect the new name./nThey said they went into \"arbitration\" (of course we were not invited to that meeting) and then our registrar (GODADDY.COM) notified us they are \"transferring\" our domain name over to GOOGLE./nWe have always maintained the highest of standards on our site - We never allowed any videos with inappropriate material. We did not allow videos that insulted or put down other religions. No dating or suggestive materials. No bad language. Only topics fit for all the family. We paid for the bandwidth from our own pockets to make sure everything was always as it should be without having people click and wind up on websites attacking beliefs or making fun of believers and certainly nothing to hurt people\'s feelings. Above all, we did not put up any ads (especially not GOOGLE ADS) on our site. (Could this be why they want it so bad?) Or is it just so they can advertise their thousands of customers who would be happy to introduce thousands of paying advertisers to ways of entering into the homes of trusting Muslims who will think the website still belongs to Yusuf Estes and his dawah team? Maybe they just don\'t like Islam? Or possibily they don\'t like seeing so many new people entering Islam from our work?/nWhy does GOOGLE - a company who bought YOUTUBE for billions of dollars - want to take away our little website?/nGood question./nI think you know the answer./nBut do we have to let them do this without at least telling others about the unjust way of dealing of these people? Are we just going to sit there and do nothing, while they destroy our work, our efforts, our viewers trust and above all - destroy the chance for many people to know the truth about real Islam in simple English language./nWe don\'t have to./nWe can make a difference, maybe even stop these cowards. Let\'s join together, all around the world and make a difference. Let\'s tell everyone what is going on and what they can do to help.../n1. Get a good copy of this page and make sure it is easy to read 2. copy it 3. Make sure to mail it out to everyone and ask them to do the same 4. Send text messages - Like this: \"Google trying to steal Yusuf Estes website - Help us stop them - www.GuideUS.TV for details\" 5. Call people you know, or fax them, and tell them the same basic statement, asking them to share this message in every way possible

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