Upsy Daisy Yusuf Islam

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Upsy Daisy Yusuf Islam
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Posted By: naailah (1510 days ago)


Posted By: Mahmut_Lee (1856 days ago)

so sweet song :) Alhamdurillah!
Normally I don't listen to
Music. pops and such a song which can make u feel upset either
abnormally sad (Music used to make u feel false feeling that
originally doesnt come from ur own heart)

When I see this
video :) I felt good deed from this song.
So it's meaningless to
argue about Halal and haram here with this song.

If u feel
uncomfortable and not good with this song.
u simply be away from
this song :) brothers and sisters.

Posted By: talhah (1868 days ago)


Posted By: ahmed007 (1928 days ago)

Mashallah , so beautiful ! :)

Posted By: hera (2026 days ago)

nice song..this is halal..i believed...don't stop spread

Posted By: muslimgirl456 (2051 days ago)

mashallah this is a way to get young to get into quran and praying
asalamu aleykum brothers and sisters

Posted By: palwashay (2099 days ago)

salam alyekum would u just tell are the instruments used in Upsy Daisy
salam alyekum.

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I Look, I See 2 Yusuf Islam, Friends & Children

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