Another Sister Revert

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Another Sister Revert
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Posted By: sayedse (1492 days ago)

Congulations on embrassing Islam
May all please you
ALLAH reward you

Posted By: mubasher (1852 days ago)

Wassalam. Sister welcome to a real brothers/sisters family. My Allah
give you ISTAQAMAT.

Posted By: kamillah (2116 days ago)

AsSalamu Alaikum,

Congulations on embrassing Islam!
Advice i would give you is to read the ahadeeth
and understand what did the Prophet Muhammad (peace, blessing and
mercy be upon him)teach his ummah, what was his way of life. The
Prophet Muhammad (peace, blessing and mercy be upon him) is our best
example of how a muslim should be.


Posted By: hussamadin (2168 days ago)

Allah Akbar... welcome sister to Islam
Alhadu lliha

Posted By: shaikismail (2228 days ago)

allah give yu hidaya and protech yu from all sins

Posted By: Ambassador (2286 days ago)

Wa alaikom as'salam wa rahmatu'llahi wa barakatoh. Masha'Allah,
welcome sister to your new big family of Muslims.
Rumi was a talented poet. But ironically that he should cause you to
embrace Islam is funny since he quinessentially had deviated from the
teachings of prophet Muhammad (pbuh) regarding monotheism and the
nature of Allah and his creatures. Anyway, it's a strange yet
fortunate coincidence that such a person should attract you to Islam.
But don't take my word for it; please check Rumi's philosophy against
the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his companions (may Allah
be pleased with them).
Again, welcome, Sister, to your greater
family and congratulations.

Posted By: Hasan42 (2299 days ago)

May ALLAH reward you

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Another Sister tells her way to Islam

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