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Posted By: MuhammadKhan (397 days ago)

Alhamad o lillah my sister, welcome to light from darkness. May Allah
guide you more and may he bless and reward you both in this mortal
life and eternal life. Subhan Allah

Posted By: dave (795 days ago)

Alhamdullilah you had chosen the right path. I came from east but we
are united in Islam...nMay Allah guide you more insya allah..

Posted By: sohasaid (968 days ago)

mashaAllah :) am so happy for you sister :)) welcome on board ;))nwill
be pleased to help you always if you need anything :))nnSoha from
Egypt :)

Posted By: sadiqsamm (968 days ago)

Masha Allah. I am over joy too.

Posted By: alfathi (1408 days ago)

may Allah bless u always
from your
brother in islam in Malaysia

Posted By: noor04 (1468 days ago)

selam ele kum sister, May allaha Halp you, guide you. I was born a
muslim and married a woman who was also born a muslim who gre up in
USA and she was influnced more by western cultures so after 7 years of
marriage she left me-divorced me. I am only saying this because i
would give her references from Quran and she would not care. here you
are who learned islam on your own and have covered up mashalla very
nicely. may Allaha bless you. Selam to you..

Posted By: al_hallaj309 (1475 days ago)

MashAllah Sister ssaaiidd......May Allah grant you the
Best...Ammeen.....Ammar from Iran

Posted By: SDT123 (1508 days ago)

Welcome to islam sister :) From your fellow sisters in oklahomaaa!

Posted By: Ya_Maha (1555 days ago)

Your sis from saudi =)

Posted By: nasra_bintu_muhamad (1584 days ago)

welcome to islam sis

Posted By: espoo (1642 days ago)

ma cha allah

Posted By: converttoislam (1656 days ago)

I am a Muslim woman, working on a documentary about
Americans converted to Islam.
This documentary will be
broadcasted in my country this Ramadan.
I am searching for
stories about people converted to Islam.
If you need any more
information, please let me know.
Email:>Thank you in advance.

Posted By: Dana (1659 days ago)

subhanallah:) mashallah may allah guide you sis to the true path ameen

Posted By: mkhan25 (1676 days ago)

As salaam,
You are very lucky as all your previous sins have been

Posted By: iyacob (1693 days ago)

Assalammu'alaikum sis, Allahu Akhbar welcome to Islam and may Allah
bless you. From your brother in Singapore

Posted By: himas (1698 days ago)

Welcome sis

Posted By: liaqat (1763 days ago)


Posted By: wahaj (1810 days ago)

salam aleykom warahmatyu allah.
Allah bless you and keep you
going up in way islam even you meet allah for you and for all
Also sister many one here in USA convert to islam and
islam is gonna be up with power allah subhanah . Allah make us in a
jennah(paradise). Ameen.
Wa alikom salam your brother abdelghani.

Posted By: imani786 (1877 days ago)

Alhamdullilah sister may Allah helps u now to follow islam.

Posted By: beliver (1887 days ago)

welcome sister, I wish u have a good life here in earth and after life
in heaven

Posted By: khadija08 (1902 days ago)

May Allah strength ur EEMAN.

Posted By: mubasher (1946 days ago)

That is true thanks to Allah. May Allah bless you.Please always thank
to Allah for this gift.

Posted By: khier78 (1993 days ago)

Alhamdulillah...welcome to islam

Posted By: belouneg (2078 days ago)

Bismi Allah Arahman Arrahim
Thanks to you sister and wellcome in
Islam,for your shahada I say Allah Akbar,Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar.You
just came out to light,Allah becomes the priority in your life and all
of a suden your fear of death and the unknown vanishs cause you KNOW
now,you are on the right track ,subhana Allah.May Allah Guide you.
please let us know what brought you to Islam and how it affected you
life so far. Thank you again
Salam Alaikum.

Posted By: ahraman (2175 days ago)

My dear sister,

May Allah (cc) guide you and enlighten
your path through your brand new life. I am crying now and very happy
for you. I pray that Allah (cc) gives you and your beloved ones the
eternal paradise. May Allah (cc) never take that pretty smile and
clean look from your face.

Your brother Omer

Posted By: Hasan42 (2225 days ago)

May ALLAH give you many blessing and have a doo ramadhan Insha ALLAH

Posted By: oneroofdpa (2269 days ago)

Salaam our new sister... one Deen al Islam, a way of life in Islam and
one ummah of Rasulullah SAW.

Posted By: fahadash (2269 days ago)

Wasalam sister, welcome to family.

Posted By: aamar (2269 days ago)

salam ca va bienvenue a lislam

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