Passion of Jesus Son of Mary Q&A - Abdur Raheem Green

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Passion of Jesus Son of Mary Q&A - Abdur Raheem Green
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Posted By: hessin_ah (2024 days ago)

it's interesting to know that "Jesus son of Mary" is mentioned 16
times in the Quran and "son of Mary" is mentioned 23 times where :/>23 is the number of chromosomes in human ovule (half of 46) and />16 is the number of chromosomes of honey bee male issued of
unfertilized ovule (Parthenogenesis reproduction)
and it’s
interesting to note that the sura number 16 of the holy Quran is the
honeybee sura.

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Question and Answer Session of the lecture./nExcellent talk given by Abdur Raheem Green about the mythological and the historical Jesus. This lecture also sheds some light on how this mythological Jesus, the doctrines of the trinity and original sin came about as well as how the early Christians were not concerned with the alleged death and resurrection of Jesus. The information mentioned in this lecture is from mostly Christian scholars and historians.

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