Dhikr and Sayings Of Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him

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Dhikr and Sayings Of Prophet Muhammad Peace be Upon Him
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Posted By: yusuf (454 days ago)

Salam alaykum - This is Yusuf Estes (owner of this & many other
websites for Islam). Will you join me to tell everyone about
www.GUIDEUS.TV (Now on Satellite over Canada & USA) and on PHONE APPS

Posted By: MahekFatima (598 days ago)

how do i download this ?n

Posted By: nalight84 (611 days ago)

Is there a way to convert to mp3 to phone?

Posted By: yusuf (613 days ago)

I love this nasheed - But Most of our viewers are ENGLISH speakers! At
least tell us how to find the translations (please) Sign up Join us &
upload your favorites or make new ones for us to share.nLove you all.

Posted By: proudtobemuslim (1020 days ago)

the words are nice

Posted By: ababil (1635 days ago)

jazakallah for a beautiful nasheed

Posted By: imani786 (1839 days ago)

Our Prophet(SAW) has never recited anything with music. This is

Posted By: EsaAbdullahAllah (2432 days ago)

alhumdullah, it is beatuiful.

Posted By: baquee2574 (2475 days ago)

Very melodious, appealing, devotional, full of dedication and superb
at large

Posted By: Imany (2502 days ago)

BarakALLAH oufik, mashAllah it is beautiful. Where can I can read it
in english and how can I download it in my iPod ?

Posted By: muslim1 (2526 days ago)

jazakumu Allahu khayran mimma 3amiltum fi sabilih inshaa! maa shaa
Allah! may Allah be pleased with your work and forgive you and help
you make more! Ameen Adjma3een!

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A compilation of dhikr and sayings of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him with a beautiful nasheed.

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