Moldovan girl convert

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Moldovan girl convert
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Posted By: yusuf (74 days ago)

AMAZING 4 YEAR OLD GIRL gives speech to thousands LIVE Brings Tears
and Cheers (Care to Share) LINK TO

Posted By: yusuf (74 days ago)

Salam alaykum. We need everyone to hear, learn and memorize this first
surah in Quran. Great idea. We all NEED more short videos like this
for learning, understanding and enjoyment. PLEASE if you have any
videos of this type, JOIN us (top of page) FREE. Then you can upload &
DOWNLOAD as much as you like. Share if you CARE.

Posted By: yusuf (494 days ago)

Children can record & upload here on Tube Islam to be featured on We might also put some of their videos of Quran on
GUIDE US TV during Ramadan. Tell everyone to watch on APPS & Satellite
-> www.GuideUS.TV/live (info is there)

Posted By: SaeedIbnGeorge (1611 days ago)

Masha Allah

Posted By: qaswa (1864 days ago)

Allahuakbar.. Welcome to the only religion that is recognized by

Posted By: dania (1904 days ago)

welcome aboard sister :)

may god bliss u

Posted By: melli (2462 days ago)

May you find peace in your new life.Welcome...

Posted By: Munahma (2603 days ago)

Marhaba to the most largest and diverse community in the world sister!
May Allah make your journey as a Muslim easy and bountiful!

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A Moldovan girl tells about her way to Islam

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