Purpose of Life by Sheikh Yusuf Estes

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Purpose of Life by Sheikh Yusuf Estes
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Posted By: Muhammad_Mehedi (290 days ago)

Yusuf Estes! I love him. His lectures inspires me to be a good muslim.

Posted By: saalhiwaiji (498 days ago)

God bless u Sheikh Yusuf Estes.

Posted By: derya (856 days ago)

بارك الله فيكم و دمتم ذخرا للاسلام

Posted By: nasra_bintu_muhamad (1514 days ago)

i like all his lectures

Posted By: Omar81 (1620 days ago)

Alhamdullilah, this was a very good video to watch. I enjoy Sheikh
Yusuf Estes' lectures. They are entertaining and Educational. May
Allah (SWT) continue to guide bro. Estes and the Ummah thru the right
path, Ameen!

Posted By: veon10 (1653 days ago)

Sheikh Estes inspires me I always listen to his videos all the time I
love the story he tells about when he became muslim im hispanic and
aim muslim arhamdillah. I think the purpose of life is to serve Allah
and live life the way he wants you to. Live life to the fullest this
life is just a test of whats going to become of us in the next life
when we die. We are not going to take anything with us except for
ourselves. So enshallah we choose to go bye allah and not go astray.

Posted By: Bilal_Khan (1799 days ago)

May Allah give reward him for his efforts at this old age.

Posted By: myousuff (1972 days ago)

Clarity in what you spoke, these simple things makes people to think a
lot and does makes sense in their lives.
thanks for the video./>May Almighty Allah ( SWT) bless the team

Posted By: goktugbey (1987 days ago)


Posted By: nazmul_islam (2048 days ago)

May Allah guide us all to the right path. May Allah reward you for
your effort brother .

Posted By: ALum (2106 days ago)

very good and funny.

Posted By: zahrein (2147 days ago)

How do i download the video?

Posted By: alosaimi (2212 days ago)

May Allah reward & bless you!
Funny when sheikh said " Muslim
but.." & sadly real too

Posted By: muslim21 (2282 days ago)

Assalam alaykum wa rahmatu Llah!To download videos from youtubeislam
you need to have Internet Download Manager. Then you go to the video
page that you want, rightclick anywhere and choose download flv with
IDM flv, then cclick on "start download"

Posted By: marwan_mostakim (2441 days ago)

Great message, we all should talk like you. ALLAH bless you.

Posted By: azir111 (2444 days ago)

wonderfull it opened much more my eyes helped me a lot,Allah bless you

Posted By: Bahati (2462 days ago)

Barakallah Fikh wa Jazakkalah hayiran! What a nice movie that every
one who mises to watch it or see its scenes will have lost a great
pleasure and treasure that he will live never to add on his
wisdom.From Ibrahim Bahati,Uganda

Posted By: abandukda (2496 days ago)

al humdulilah great lecture!!!

please visit my site to
watch more motivating lectures inshallah!!
/> www.nasiha.piczo.com

Jazakallah khairun

Posted By: skye (2509 days ago)

fantastic speaker..brill video as always

Posted By: HajjiQasim (2513 days ago)

brilliant Video MUST WATCH

Posted By: alferdaus (2519 days ago)

Jazak Allah khairan sheik

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Sheik Yusuf Estes talks about the Purpose of Life

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