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Frequently Asked Questions  Rules & Regulations (Halal/Haram)
Islam Enjoins Rights While Instituting Boundries Respect the Rights of Others in this Community

As Muslims we are commanded to give full respect to Allah, His Book, His Prophets, His Book, to those in authority over us, to our parents, our families, our friends and neighbors and to the wayfarers and travelers - and even to our own bodies.

The respect and rights of others is a vital part of the success of this project. There are many areas of responsibility and trust associated with utilizing the features of our site. has provided this site as a tool for expressing the Muslim experience in today's world with the desire to help all of the world to better understand what Islam really is and who the real Muslims are, and most important, what are goals really are and how we are supposed to go about obtaining those goals.

Inappropriate Videos Can Not Be Tolerated and Will Be Removed.

Any videos flagged as inappropriate will be reviewed by our staff and volunteers to decide whether or not it complies with our Terms and Conditions of Use. Those deemed inappropriate will be removed according to the Terms And Conditions of Use.

Removed videos are not returned nor are they saved on our server. If you find videos violating the Terms And Conditions of Use, flag them and we will do the rest.

Halal (permitted) and Haram (forbidden)

Follow these rules and stay online with us - Break them and you are out:

Islam forbids any type of pornography or sexually explicit content. These types of videos will not be tolerated at any time. Additionally, the dress code for men and women in Islam is to cover themselves properly in public. is considered public and therefore, these same rules apply herein as well. cooperates with local, state and federal law enforcement and we do report incidences of child pornography, physical abuse to people, animals and videos promoting acts of violence or terrorism.

Violence is not permitted. People or animals being injured or hurt, or even humiliated is not acceptable by

No "gross-out" type videos will be permitted and these include dead bodies whether human or animals. War footage showing actual attacks or the results of attacks, regardless of the political message intended, will not be acceptable. There are plenty of other places on the internet already over loaded with such videos. will not allow them here.

Rights include "copyrights". If you don't own it or have the proper rights to it - don't upload it. This includes pictures, music, sound effects, portions of videos from other sources not within your domain control.

Free speech is encouraged and highly appreciated as long as it stays within proper limits. Everyone has a right to their point of view, although they do not have to express all of it when it violates someone else's rights. Hate speeches attacking Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Judaism or any established faith group will not be tolerated. Content promoting racism, stereotyping, or humiliating others including nationality, gender or race, is inappropriate and must not be uploaded on

Anyone promoting, encouraging or perpetrating predatory acts, stalking, threatening, harassing, invading the privacy of others or giving out personal information of others, whether or not they are members of, will be excluded from membership on, their videos will all be removed and where necessary they will be reported to the proper authorities.

These Rules where not made to be broken. Read and study them to avoid disappointment later. will make all final determinations as regards videos which may remain or those which are to be removed. is for everyone to learn and enjoy - Islam and Muslims in their real life experiences.

Keep in mind there are many others also sharing their lives and experiences on So, join us and bring your friends and bring their friends too. Make some good videos, high quality and good sound will help draw more attention to your efforts.

Have Fun - Enjoy. So much to do - so much to watch.

But remember, don't let take the place of your real life. After some time online, give it a rest and be a part of where you are - and of course, do not neglect your duties to your parents, family and friends. Above all, remember Muslims must be devoted to Allah first and anything else second.

Don't let your internet experiences delay your worship and devotion to your Lord.

Worship the Creator - Not His Creations!

We are in the process of developing an entire section for assistance in designing, scripting, producing, editing, uploading and promoting videos on our sites.
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