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Scientist converts to Islam

Runtime: 5m:48s
From: fahadash
Views: 136176
Comments: 37

CNN California Girl Embraces ISLAM

Runtime: 2m:47s
From: fahadash
Views: 101105
Comments: 72

Girl converts to Islam - right after...

Runtime: 4m:20s
From: fahadash
Views: 81776
Comments: 28

Non-Muslim accepting Islam

Runtime: 5m:15s
Views: 33424
Comments: 39

Islam in America

Runtime: 23m:50s
From: sabdi2
Views: 32862
Comments: 22

Dr Meena hindu Brahman embraced Islam

Runtime: 42m:30s
From: padapuram
Views: 31835
Comments: 17

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Al Arabiyyah Bayna Yadayk (Arabic...

Runtime: 110m:40s
From: Sadaf3
Views: 78
Comments: 0
Not yet rated

Cindy Enters Islam

Runtime: 4m:10s
From: IslamicVideos
Views: 325
Comments: 0
Not yet rated

Geert Wilders (Islamophobe) supporter...

Runtime: 1m:6s
From: IslamicVideos
Views: 10656
Comments: 10

John Makes Shahadah on LIVE TV

Runtime: 2m:56s
From: IslamicVideos
Views: 518
Comments: 0
Not yet rated

Ron Carns makes Shahadah

Runtime: 5m:55s
From: IslamicVideos
Views: 4215
Comments: 3

Woman makes Shahadah

Runtime: 1m:42s
From: IslamicVideos
Views: 358
Comments: 1