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Ya Tayba (children singing)

Runtime: 16m:34s
From: sabdi2
Views: 122201
Comments: 122

Your Mother by Rashid Bhikha

Runtime: 2m:58s
From: Soccerplayer
Views: 67886
Comments: 82

Farik Naik - Similarities Between...

Runtime: 17m:7s
From: o_ahmad
Views: 44552
Comments: 2

boy reciting Quran

Runtime: 0m:41s
From: Mujahida
Views: 36299
Comments: 42

Little girl reciting "Yaseen"

Runtime: 0m:37s
From: mahfodh
Views: 36001
Comments: 38

Smart girl

Runtime: 1m:54s
From: Kinaanath
Views: 28200
Comments: 31

Recently Added To Kids

4 Year Old Girl Islam Speech Brings...

Runtime: 7m:48s
From: IslamicVideos
Views: 683
Comments: 2

The Puppet Fun Show Pilot

Runtime: 30m:37s
From: deenpop1
Views: 567
Comments: 0
Not yet rated

Hifz Nation Pilot Episode

Runtime: 26m:30s
From: deenpop1
Views: 282
Comments: 1

Dawah Songs ep. 1 rough cut

Runtime: 17m:59s
From: Abdullahi
Views: 357
Comments: 0
Not yet rated

Fiqh of Ping Pong

Runtime: 3m:25s
From: asim1230
Views: 327
Comments: 0
Not yet rated

All work and no play.. No way

Runtime: 2m:55s
From: asim1230
Views: 304
Comments: 0
Not yet rated